Carillion is one of the UK’s leading infrastructure, building and business services companies, delivering high quality, sustainable buildings and integrated facilities management across both public and private sectors. As they work within many key areas of the community, their fleet needs to be ready, reliable and responsive at all times.


Carillion was undergoing a period of expansion and needed a Mobile Resource Management system that could support their increased growth. They wanted to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their fleet, while still maintaining excellent customer service levels. In essence, they were looking for a solution that would add real value to their business.


Masternaut realised that total visibility was key to achieving Carillion’s aims, so they installed advanced tracking in each of their service vehicles. This allowed Carillion to monitor their entire fleet in real-time via the web, giving them a detailed picture of engineer activity. The system also enabled them to set pre-defined incident alerts, which were triggered if certain procedures weren’t followed or vehicles moved outside of set geographical areas. This gave Carillion a greater level of control over their fleet, enabling them to make best use of their resources at all times.

Carillion were also conscious of reducing their environmental impact, so Masternaut added GreenerFleet to their solution. This helped them to monitor their carbon emissions as well as overseeing driver efficiency, allowing them to instigate the relevant training and eliminate unnecessary fuel wastage. The benefits of this were twofold, as, in addition to reducing their carbon footprint, Carillion also significantly reduced their overall fuel bill.


As Carillion are contractually obliged to provide proof of activity to a number of their larger clients in order to meet stringent Service Level Agreements, Masternaut ensured that once the system was up and running, the necessary data could also be remotely viewed by the relevant clients. This level of transparency helped Carillion strengthen their business relationships and made reporting quicker, easier and more accurate for both parties.

As a result of the benefits they gained from the tracking system, Carillion decided to implement Masternaut’s VisuLive back office software at two of their depots, in order to gain even greater insight into their fleet activity and realise further efficiencies. This enabled their office-based team to plan more effectively, react to situations quickly and helped streamline their invoicing process.


The system has been very well received, and Carillion are pleased with the positive change that it has driven across their business.

“Masternaut gives us a really powerful management tool, as we can gain a complete picture of the actual workings of our fleet – in reality and not just on paper. From this we can develop fleet management strategies that revolve around driving smarter miles. That means improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact and gaining maximum financial viability.”

Angus Heward, Business Development Manager.