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How Our Technology Works - GPS Tracking Devices

Our Platform

Our platform processes thousands of data-points and our skills are making this data quick and simple to use – delivering the right information to you whenever you need it.

For example, for a single vehicle, trailer or mobile asset we take a positional feed every 20-second via a small box (GPS Tracking Devices) installed in the vehicle that calculates positional information from the network of GPS satellites and transmit this information over the GPRS network.

  • For a 100 vehicle fleet we are calculating 28,000 positions a week. When we add additional information, such as, driver behaviour metrics or other inputs this can increase by a factor of 10
  • Managing billable hours, the same 100 unit fleet working for an average of eight hours a day; five days a week adds up to 4,000 man hours. Over a month, 16,000 hours; and over a year 192,000 man hours
  • We provide the methodology that enables you to review multiple thousands of man hours in seconds to highlight exceptions; trends that provide many opportunities to optimise your business.

We can show you where your time goes and where your costs sit.

Our products and services processes millions of lines of data on a daily basis and as such, the reliance and speed of our network, hosted environment has become a critical component of our total solution.

How our technology works enables the strategic evolution of telematics from a tactical operational tool, to an enterprise-wide, information management solution accessed from a single, cloud-based platform. Masternaut deliver modular telematics applications that deliver step-changes for improving business performance, whilst enabling customers to save up to 20% on their fleet operating cost.

Masternaut servers and hosting environment is maintained in the EU and all Masternaut inter-country processes are governed by this basic requirement. Masternaut acts as a processor and ensure that our software provides the mechanisms to deliver the requirements and configurations required for both customer and national legislation.

Masternaut has invested in the infrastructure to process the data volumes without any drop in performance and which as achieved a consistent 99. 99% system uptime.

At present, we process over 100 million data transactions per day which we load balance across the three servers structures. This is an uplift in process time that allows us to offer real-time data.

This also provides as a resilient three tiered plus off-site back-up for disaster recovery ensuring that if any server is inactive, the remaining servers will continue to function.

How Our Technology Works