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Helping our customers unlock savings, enable efficiency improvements and manage risk

Drawing from over 17 years of experience in mobile asset management and telematics, Masternaut’s consultancy team supports a wide, diverse range of clients from multiple industries across several countries with assistance in making top-level strategic decisions with thorough investigation and analysis of your operations to ensure you’re meeting your overarching objectives.

The depth of our understanding means we are ideally positioned to advise on telematics requirement across the whole of the business that include; personnel, risk management, environmental measurement, customer service, finance, and director-level operations.

Our consultancy team

Our senior project managers have proven expertise in helping our clients and partners worldwide implement the power of telematics to enhance business operations and drive return on investment

Mike Hemming

Eli Sufrin

Chris Nash

concierge service

Think of us as an extra team member. Someone who is always by your side and ready to help when you need specialist assistance with implementing, managing and developing your telematics systems. Our concierge service has been designed specifically to help your business go further, faster.

customer boost

Delivering company savings on an ongoing basis is a challenge, but essential if you’re to remain competitive. As priorities change, and after rapid and impressive initial savings, many customers stall.

Our consultants help you identify based on your data and your company priorities - additional savings, and work with you to achieve them.

ecoDrive kick start

EcoDrive Kick Start gives your business the momentum to change the way your fleet is driven. Ensuring your communications are right, the company is ready and demonstrating the savings once Ecodrive is live.

faster ROI

Implementing telematics is a time and resource intensive process. Our project managers are experienced experts in implementing telematics:

  • Using change management strategies to help you adapt
  • Minimising disruption to your operations
  • More quickly, with a lower cost of implementation
  • Giving a faster return on investment


As users of the most data-rich, powerful telematics platform, Masternaut Connect, you have access to robust reporting tools, tailored exception alerts that save hours of management time each month, and communications options that enable every user in your business to get the info they need, every day, without you having to lift a finger.