Masternaut backs Eurovia Ringway Drive for Life road safety competition

Leeds, UK, 16 May 2011 - Leading highway service provider Eurovia, which incorporates Ringway, is launching a nationwide safe driving campaign and competition with support from vehicle tracking company Masternaut and insurer Royal Sun Alliance.

The greener, safer driving initiative will be launched as part of Eurovia’s International Safety Day in May 2011, with Masternaut pledging £8,000 towards prizes for the winning drivers.

The competition will run through to the International Road Safety Week in November 2011, which is organised by road safety charity Brake.

Drive for Life is an important part of the Eurovia Vigiroute road risk awareness programme. The competition has five categories to cover all forms of transport used by the Group’s personnel. Prizes will be awarded to the best commercial vehicle driver, most knowledgeable driver, young driver under 21 years of age, alternative transport user, and the top performing Vigiroute division – the division that demonstrates that it is the best at managing road risk.

“We have two objectives for running the Drive for Life competition. First is to raise awareness of road risk and therefore reduce road traffic incidents involving Eurovia people. Second, we are actively seeking to reduce the company’s environmental impact. We are grateful for Masternaut’s assistance and sponsorship of this campaign and competition, which will deliver major benefits for the company as well as helping to improve the safety of other road users,” says Dave Campbell, Group Health, Safety and Environment and Vigiroute Manager.

About 1500 personnel will participate in the competition, including the 900 strong fleet of Masternaut tracked commercial vehicle drivers. The commercial vehicle drivers will be monitored closely using GreenerFleet, an innovation from Masternaut that was first developed to help fleets to reduce carbon emissions. Fleet operators using this system soon realised that careful driving not only cut fuel consumption but also led to improvements in road safety.

For the group’s commercial vehicle drivers, the competition will judge driving behaviour measured by the Masternaut vehicle tracking system. The safest, most environmentally responsible driver will win the prize, with divisional and best overall group prizes also being awarded. This is the first of a number of initiatives the Eurovia group is introducing to promote safer and more sustainable driving behaviour.