Specialist Solutions - GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles & Fleet Management

Vehicle fleets play a pivotal role within many public services, whether waste management, highways, gritting, street cleansing or housing maintenance services. Vehicle telematics & GPS tracking devices for vehicles can improve fleet management efficiency and improve service whilst monitoring performance and adhering to legislative or legal requirements.

The public sector has a higher rate of lone workers than most other sectors and Masternaut know that being able to provide mobile workers with a safe working environment and equally, fulfilling Duty of Care is essential especially as many staff work alone out in the field, or out of normal working hours.

Managing the impact on the environment and monitoring carbon emissions is a key issue and organisations need to demonstrate a high level of activity in decreasing emissions. Masternaut have developed leading edge technology that calculates a vehicle’s actual emissions and by utilising our dynamic reports drivers are encouraged to use more environmentally friendly driving practices. This also saves fuel and reduces costs so organisations can deliver better efficiency.

Masternaut have developed innovative telematics solutions featuring GPS tracking devices for vehicles to inform in real-time when a security issue arises, and establish real-time links that provides employees the support and security needed whilst working in remote or risk areas. By the integration of Masternaut’s applications with back office systems, public sector organisations can take a holistic approach to fleet management operations through a complete end-to-end solution. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), detailed reports can be used to undertake internal and external operational reviews whilst reducing operating costs and associated environmental impacts.

Masternaut’s vehicle management and tracking solutions have helped more than 10,000 business-to-business take control of their fleet, increase efficiency and improve productivity making Masternaut the first choice for the public sector.

Major benefits to the public sector organisations

  • Automate processes and improve productivity
  • Ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill Duty of Care obligations across the organisation
  • Establish real-time links to provide employees support and security
  • Proactively manage environmental impact through monitoring carbon emissions