Masternaut is one of Europe’s largest providers of telematics solutions. Founded in 1996, the company now employees over 300 telematics specialists and has more than 10,000 customers.

Let us help you run a smarter fleet

As a pioneer of the telematics industry, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing vehicle tracking solutions to businesses like yours.

Our innovative software platform and patented technology lead the market. With the biggest R&D team in Europe and over 150 customer-facing staff in the UK and France, we are always on hand to help you run a smarter fleet.

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fleetcor summit partners

Masternaut is ultimately owned by a joint venture between growth equity investors Summit Partners and FleetCor Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FLT). In Europe, FleetCor owns CCS, a telematics company, along with both Telenav and NexTraq. FleetCor also owns brands such as; Key Fuels, AllStars, The Fuel Card Company and Epyx.

Our mission & vision

Our vision - A connected world that is safer, cleaner and more productive.

Our mission - We translate information into impact through connected apps that are delightful to use.

Benefits of telematics

Masternaut has been transforming commercial fleet data into real business impact for over 20 years. Our patented GPS devices lead the market in accuracy and our intuitive online platform delivers instant answers and individual customisation.


We help businesses run a smarter fleet to improve their...

Market leader

Masternaut is the market leader in terms of installed units in the UK and France.

With over 10,000 customers, our smarter fleet platform is optimised for running thousands of requests per second to ensure a smooth customer experience. In fact, Masternaut process more data per day than most banks.

Masternaut has over 150 customer-facing staff in the UK and France and the largest telematics R&D team in Europe, who are continuously innovating to deliver the most reliable and scalable platform available on the market today.

End-to-end product ownership means we run hardware design, software development and service in-house, with a single-minded focus on the end user’s experience.

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