As the market leader in UK & France for over 20 years, Masternaut has developed the devices, platform and infrastructure to make every commercial fleet smarter. We process hundreds of millions of messages every day in real-time, and help thousands of customers transform complex data into tangible business impact.

what is telematics

Telematics is the process of transmitting data from a vehicle or mobile asset, using mobile phone technologies, to a data centre.

Masternaut's CAN bus telematics devices read vehicle information and transfer this data over a wireless network. Masternaut Connect then transforms it all into meaningful information on one screen.

Customers use our telematics devices and platform to make smarter decisions about driver safety, savings, service excellence and sustainability.

smarter fleet software

Masternaut Connect receives thousands of data points per second from over 100,000 vehicles and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team.

  • User first: Intuitive, smooth user experience
  • Built to scale: Powerful 4th-generation platform and API
  • Your data in safe hands: highest security standards compliant with EU regulations

smarter fleet hardware

Masternaut's telematics devices gather data straight from a vehicle's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) through our patented, read-only CAN bus technology. This enables us to provide accurate data on fuel consumption, odometer and diagnostics.

Our reader clips to the outside of a cable behind the dashboard, making it invisible to drivers and providing protection against theft & tampering. In contrast to other devices, this connection is read-only and will not affect the warranty of your  vehicle.

secure and resilient

Masternaut takes data security very seriously.

Our data centres are maintained to highest EU standards, we employ data security specialists to ensure constant protection, and never sell private information to third parties.

  • Devices are read-only and invisible to drivers, providing theft & tamper protection
  • Redundant data centres ensure resilience and seamless disaster recovery
  • Our fully controlled EU-based data centres meet the highest security standards

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