The New Masternaut

Our brand is evolving

The nature of our business has changed dramatically over the course of our 22 years. In recent years, we have also changed as an organisation. We have invested heavily in our software platform, in our analytics capability and in our customer service.

It is time for our logo and branding to represent our new promise to our customers.


Strong roots

The old Masternaut was a French pioneer who launched commercial vehicle telematics in Europe. Always on the leading edge of hardware technology, we contributed to the rise of the Internet of Things.

We're proud of our roots. That's why we kept our name and the reference to 'naut', the Greek word for navigation.

New strengths

The new Masternaut is all about the impact we can generate for our customers from the rich data of motion. We sit comfortably between the physical world we measure and the insights we provide to our customers via a powerful platform and expert consultants. We relentlessly focus on the customer experience.


The new Masternaut logo is formed from a circle of increasing data bars that represent continual, iterative growth and improvement.

It suggests a brand that is continually harnessing and organising data, and distributing the insights gained from it on to its customers.

We help you seize your unseen advantage.

The story behind the new Masternaut

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