What We Do

Our four steps to seizing your unseen advantage.

Discover a seamless service designed to unlock hidden potential in your business. From telematics devices to analysis, every one of our tools helps your business find efficiencies, new opportunities and revenue streams you didn’t see before.


Step 1 - Connect

Impactful insights start with quality data. We connect your fleet with a range of reliable and secure telematics. Our leading patented device reads data non-intrusively straight from the CAN bus. Or choose from OBD, no-install, asset tracking and OEM factory-fit options.


Step 2 - Co-ordinate

Our platform Masternaut Connect gives you full visibility of your fleet in real-time so you can manage jobs at your desk or on the go. It receives thousands of data points per second and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team. Discover a range of available features and add-ons:

  • SmarterDriver App
  • Fuel card
  • In-cab coach

Step 3 - Compare

With historical data at your fingertips, you can analyse and plan. Compare your performance across your fleet and over time to uncover hidden value and new opportunities. We can also help contextualise your performance against over 250,000 vehicles by industry, make, model and more.

  • Compare performance across your fleet.
  • Compare today with yesterday.
  • Compare with wider trends in your industry and beyond.

Step 4 - Consult

Transform your business through the power of real-time fleet data. Seamlessly integrate our platform into your tech infrastructure and innovate beyond your fleet. Work with our Professional Services team of analysts and uncover the quantitative insights you need to implement new strategies.


Your data in safe hands

Masternaut takes data security very seriously. Our data centres are maintained to the highest EU standards, we employ data security specialists to ensure constant protection, and never sell private information to third parties.

  • Devices are read-only and invisible to drivers, providing theft & tamper protection.
  • Redundant data centres ensure resilience and seamless disaster recovery.
  • Our fully controlled EU-based data centres meet the highest security standards.

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