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Our fleet management services combine powerful intelligence with easy-to-use tools and premium software to give your enterprise an enduring edge over the competition.

With expert advice, services, and next-level technology, we provide everything you need at your fingertips, empowering you to make smarter decisions and ensure that your business operates more efficiently every day. We’ll help you optimise all areas of your business and provide greater visibility into your operations, ensuring you have the right information to make important real-time decisions. Your data will also be safeguarded with maximum levels of protection and compliance thanks to our state-of-the-art security and systems.

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Charging EV van - Masternaut

Transitioning to EVs

We’re here to support you in reaching your goals of transitioning to an electric fleet. Whether you’re currently looking to transition part or all of your fleet, we’ll help to ensure everything goes smoothly with our new solution, MoveElectric. We’ll provide you with:

  • A powerful, unbiased transition
  • Specific features fully integrated into the fleet management platform to help you manage and optimise your EVs
  • Trusted, unbiased, advice delivered by experts.
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Vehicle tracking masternaut software

Vehicle tracking

Want to track your fleet vehicles’ locations and journeys in real-time? With our fleet telematics solutions, you can:

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times with reliable GPS tracking
  • Respond to problems in real time with ‘find the nearest vehicle’, live alerts and more
  • Become more efficient with journey reporting including fuel usage and utilisation
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Driver behaviour - Masternaut Platform

Driving behaviour

Improve your team’s driver behaviour to boost your fleet’s performance, increase road safety, and enhance your efficiency. With our fleet management system, you can:

  • Measure driving behaviour with three scores: Smoother, Safer, Cleaner
  • Assess and compare performance against peers using benchmarks and trends
  • Boost driver engagement with the SmarterDriver mobile app
woman driving van - Masternaut

Connected Cameras

Using connected cameras will encourage your team to adopt safer driving behaviours, reducing accidents and improving driver and vehicle safety. It will also allow you to:

  • Get a clear understanding of what has happened
  • Check-in with the driver and get proof if required
  • Start the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process with no further delay.
Fleet tracking software - Masternaut

Masternaut Connect

Our intuitive fleet management software turns the data it receives into clear actionable insights for managers, so you can optimise your fleet, as well as:

  • Visualise your fleet with live and historical locations and journey data
  • Optimise and save through insights via reporting, timesheets and more
  • Optimise future schedules with planned versus actual reporting
Masternaut On Time

Masternaut On Time

Enhance your job management process by leveraging your data that you can access in real time with Masternaut On Time by: 

  • Reacting to real-time scheduling problems with live alerts
  • Reducing missed visits and incoming enquiries with live ETAs for customers
  • Optimising future schedules with planned versus actual reporting

fleet staff assessing maintenance - Masternaut

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid simple fleet maintenance issues left unchecked that quickly escalate. With our new tool, you can: 

  • Identify which vehicles need attention
  • Plan your maintenance as soon as incidents arise
  • Reduce your fleet costs significantly.

Incident Management

Make sure you are prepared for the worst case scenario. With our new incident management tool for fleets, you can: 

  • Reduce costs
  • Keep production downtime to a minimum
  • Lower your insurance premiums


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Mconnect App

We understand that a significant part of a fleet manager's day is spent in the field, at the depot and away from the office, which is why we have developed M-Connect App to help you:

  • Keep a permanent eye on your fleet and operation on the go.
  • Check that all of your deliveries have gone out in a nano-second
  • Access minimum information from your fleet management software when you are away from your desk
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SmarterDriver App

Uncover how your fleet can run more efficiently with a fleet management app for drivers. Cut out paperwork and digitalise report flows between managers and drivers, including: 

  • Creating accurate mileage reports and submitting them instantly
  • Performing regulatory vehicle checks for vans and HGVs
  • Tracking and improving driver behaviour scores
  • Receiving field job/delivery information and leave notes via job dispatching
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Cold chain monitoring - Masternaut

Cold chain

If your fleet moves chilled and frozen foods, you will know how important it is to have access to the relevant data. Our cold chain solutions for fleet management will give you:

  • Complete peace of mind to run your fleet operations without worrying about not meeting the requirements.
  • Confidence that you are using quality probes and probe services that meet all the EU required standards.
  • Tracking capabilities to follow your drivers and cargo in real-time.
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Masternaut TACHOfresh

Masternaut TACHOfresh

Masternaut TACHOfresh lets you manage your tachograph data online through a secure platform, with remote downloads and live data.

  • Access the live and past tacho activities of your drivers and vehicles at any time, plus DDD files and reports
  • Simplify compliance with an online platform that stores tachograph data
  • Streamline operations by scheduling remote downloads
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