In cold chain transportation, the stakes are high: uncontrolled temperatures will result in fines for regulatory non-compliance, losses from spoiled valuable perishable merchandise or, in worst-case, sick end-consumers.

Masternaut has 10 years of experience servicing leading logistics companies with their cold chain telematics, from high-standard temperature probes to SaaS-based temperature monitoring, alerts and reports.

Cold Chain Telematics Benefits

Telematics is definitely the most efficient way of managing your cold chain compliance.

  • Simplify compliance - log third-party temperature measurement in the cloud and get easy access to online reports for as long as needed
  • Protect your goods - benefit from real-time alerts that enable you to react quickly when problems arise, and save valuable merchandise
  • Increase productivity - go from manual temperature reporting to a fully automated connected solution

Cold Chain Telematics

Our R&D has designed temperature probes delivering an optimal price-performance ratio.

  • Our probes are EN12830 and IP65 certified, and were designed to deliver the best price-performance ratio
  • Our field engineers will connect your fleet with the M400 telematics box plus required probes, door sensors…
  • The M400 also interfaces with cold groups and data loggers to retrieve temperatures and cold group information

The future of cold chain transportation

With actionable insights and expert guidance, you'll discover:

  • What factors are reshaping the future of cold chain transportation?
  • How to use data to discover your fleet’s hidden power.
  • The latest technology trends that really matter to Fleet Managers and Operations Directors.
  • How to remain compliant with industry regulations, now and in the future.

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