Cold Chain Logistics Tracking

The power of telematics applied to Cold Chain

In cold chain transportation, the stakes are high: uncontrolled temperatures will result in fines for regulatory non-compliance, losses from spoiled valuable perishable merchandise or, in worst-case, sick end-consumers.

Masternaut has 10 years of experience servicing leading logistics companies with their cold chain telematics, from high-standard temperature probes to SaaS-based temperature monitoring, alerts and reports.


Cold Chain Telematics Benefits

Telematics is definitely the most efficient way of managing your cold chain compliance.

  • Simplify compliance - log third-party temperature measurement in the cloud and get easy access to online reports for as long as needed
  • Protect your goods - benefit from real-time alerts that enable you to react quickly when problems arise, and save valuable merchandise
  • Increase productivity - go from manual temperature reporting to a fully automated connected solution

Cold Chain Analytics

Masternaut Connect Cold applies the power of telematics to Cold Chain

  • Monitoring - Connect displays temperature on maps and tables that refresh automatically
  • Alerts - Connect warns you when temperatures hit thresholds around a fixed value or relative to the variable temperature set on the cold group
  • Reports - Connect delivers extensive reports combining positions and temperatures, plus many filtering, conditional formatting and subscription options

The future of cold chain transportation

With actionable insights and expert guidance, you'll discover:

  • What factors are reshaping the future of cold chain transportation?
  • How to use data to discover your fleet’s hidden power.
  • The latest technology trends that really matter to Fleet Managers and Operations Directors.
  • How to remain compliant with industry regulations, now and in the future.

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