Deliver your goods safely, on-time, on-budget and fully compliant

Every fleet manager has their own specific challenges. So, we have designed cold chain solutions that can be adapted to both simple and complex environments.


Thanks to our solutions that connect to your refrigerated ecosystem, you will have full live visibility, access real-time alerts and generate automatic reports to:

  • Manage cargo through live tracking from the head office to support drivers

  • Report back to your customer and third parties to prove that the goods have been delivered in complete compliance with regulation.

  • Ensure maximum deliveries by day with multiple temperature zones within the cargo area.

  • Control costs - with our probe service offer ensuring regular maintenance of the probes with no down time.

Cold Connectivity

No additional equipment required. Our complete compliance and hassle-free solution simply connects with your existing refrigerated environment to provide temperature monitoring, as well as: 

Integrating your existing data logger
readings and manage them centrally

Maintaining the integrity of your delivered goods and react to incidents immediately and appropriately

Reporting easily and accurately to your customers and third parties and prove that the cold chain has not been broken

Identifying trends by analysing your cold chain maintenance through long term reports

Cold Smart Probes

Our solution can manage up to 10 wireless probes installed within the refrigerated container area. Each probe can be individually calibrated to a bespoke temperature to enable produce to be stored in the same container but under different temperature zones.

Hassle free. A customizable solution that allows you to ensure cargo integrity and complete compliance

Maintain the integrity of your delivered goods and manage different temperature requirements within the same load

Report easily and accurately to your customers and third parties

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