The SmarterDriver mobile application is specifically designed for both professional drivers and company car users. It provides useful tools that help drivers improve their driving behaviour, log business mileage and conduct vehicle checks quickly and accurately.


Masternaut’s mobile app delivers valuable tools to drivers that make admin easier and quicker, as well as encouraging improvement in driving behaviour. There’s no training required: just roll out the app to discover the benefits of telematics through your smartphone.

  • Log vehicle checks with both speed and accuracy
  • Easily differentiate between private and business mileage
  • Encourage drivers to improve their behaviour with scores and rankings

Mileage reports

With SmarterDriver, drivers have everything they need to keep track of their journeys, and can create mileage reports and expense claims with a swipe.

  • Swipe left or right to classify trips as business or private
  • Create error-free expense reports verified by onboard telematics
  • Implement a digital validation process that saves time and improves governance

Vehicle checks

SmarterDriver helps you to save time preparing DVSA and HMRC compliant documentation.

  • Cut down paperwork for drivers and fleet maintenance managers
  • Complete passed and failed checks by swiping
  • Create a more accurate and traceable digital vehicle check process

Driver behaviour

SmarterDriver gives drivers access to their own scores, encouraging them to improve their driving behaviour, boosting the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

  • Engage drivers with easy to understand scores
  • Provide trends and rankings to encourage friendly competition
  • Use the app as an integral part of a driver behaviour programme

Job dispatching

SmarterDriver can also be used for job dispatching as part of our Masternaut On Time solution, creating a seamless automated jobs flow for drivers.

  • See automated to do lists of assigned jobs
  • View job details such as address and expected arrival and duration times
  • Cancel jobs and leave job notes for managers to see



We can help you with useful tools to improve driving behaviour and vehicle checks

Our team of experts can offer you the best fleet management solutions with our SmarterDriver app.