Get actionable insights about fleet performance on our 4th-generation fleet tracking SaaS platform, Masternaut Connect.


Masternaut Connect supports a wide variety of fleet management solutions, processing thousands of data points per second in UK/EU-based secure and reliable data centres.

Fleet tracking software

Visualise your fleet

Masternaut Connect delivers live and historical data allowing managers to understand fleet activity at a glance.

  • Customisable dashboard
  • Interactive live map
  • Activity tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Historical journeys & reports
Online vehicle management

Simplify vehicle management

Masternaut Connect provides simple tools to keep the overview and ensure operational excellence.

  • Find the nearest vehicle to an emergency job
  • Provide accurate arrival times
  • Show live GPS locations on big screens
  • Reward and incentivise using online driver league tables
  • Prepare shipments just-in-time for pick-up

See our fleet tracking software in action

Digital driver time sheet reports

Use historical reports to run a lean fleet

Our historical reports provide insights to help you achieve your vision. Work with our team to uncover more and drive business transformation.

  • Optimise vehicle utilisation
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Automate timesheets
  • Incentivise safe driving behaviour through awards
  • Highlight idling, detours & other fuel waste

Available modules

Masternaut Connect offers the following functional modules:

Enterprise SaaS fleet tracking application

Technical capabilities

Masternaut Connect is a secure enterprise-grade SaaS application.

  • 99.96% availability
  • Highest security standards compliant with EU law
  • Flexible vehicle/driver hierarchy
  • Secure user roles and rights
  • System integration (API)

“It’s important for us to have complete control over project schedules, so having the Masternaut system available has enabled us to give customer accurate details on arrival times for skip jobs, which has made a real difference. We’ve also got the added security if there’s ever a dispute.”

Paul Usher, Manager, Smith Recycling

We can help you get insights about your fleet performance

Our team of experts can offer you the best fleet management solutions with our Masternaut Connect.