Direct discounts, easier administration and transparent reporting. Improve your fleet’s fuel and maintenance expenses with Masternaut's fleet management fuel cards, in partnership with Allstar Business Solutions.

The smarter card for fuel and vehicle maintenance

Get your fuel card directly from Masternaut.

Fuel data becomes much more powerful with the addition of vehicle data. Combine fleet activity with fuel card data on Masternaut Connect, our 4th generation tracking platform.

  • Eliminate cash transactions and centralise fuel expenditure
  • Reduce paperwork with HMRC-approved invoices
  • Save 3 ppl on diesel at 1,800+ discounted sites
  • Monitor fleet fuel efficiency online

Smarter reporting

1. Identify fraudulent activity
Concerned about company fuel being used for personal gain? If any driver makes a transaction on our card, and their vehicle is in a different location, you will know about it.

2. Analyse spending behaviour
Are drivers replacing "what's best for business" with "what's easiest, or closest"? View motorway refuelling, average fuel price vs actual paid, and premium vs standard to monitor and improve fleet fuel economy.

3. Isolate unrelated expenses
Screen wash, window wipers, air fresheners... Drivers need all sorts of smalls. Separate these expenses with ease, along with maintenance charges, all from within the same window.

Simplify maintenance with Allstar ServicePoint

The card gives you access to pre-negotiated rates and discounts for parts at over 9,000 garages, for no extra cost.

  • Pre-negotiated rates delivered by trusted mechanics
  • Up to 50% off labour rates; up to 15% off parts
  • Priority maintenance and repair booking online & hotline
  • Approve maintenance work and pricing from your computer
  • Only pay for work and repairs that you approve
  • Eliminate garage payments with a centralised direct debit

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