All businesses in the EU need to comply with regulations about driving hours, break, and resting hours, but capturing and managing tachograph data can be disruptive and time-consuming.


Masternaut TACHOfresh lets you manage your tachograph data online through a secure platform, with remote downloads and live data.


Masternaut TACHOfresh Benefits

Your tachograph can be connected to our M400 telematics device so you can:

  • Access the live and past tacho activities of your drivers and vehicles at any time, plus DDD files and reports
  • Simplify compliance with an online platform that stores tachograph data
  • Streamline operations by scheduling remote downloads
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Live data and reports

Masternaut TACHOfresh is much more than just online data storage. There are many ways to use your data to improve your fleet operations:

  • Report on drivers with detailed breakdowns of driver hours, rest periods, and infringements to monitor driver safety and compliance
  • Check remaining driving/working times and the next break time
  • Report on vehicles to better understand your fleet’s utilisation
  • Track your fleet live with a map showing real-time positions and journey history, plus live data on driver status including breaks due and daily/weekly driving time


Want to know more about TACHOfresh?

Our team of experts can offer you the best solutions in order to manage your tachograph data effectively.