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Masternaut On Time uses the power of telematics to improve the accuracy, agility and accountability of your current job management solution.


Masternaut On Time benefits

Masternaut On Time is a module within Masternaut Connect that synchronises job information with vehicle position and status in order to create a seamless jobs workflow.

  • Track your live schedule and react to late jobs with live alerts
  • Optimise future schedules with insights from automated planned vs actual reports
  • Reduce missed visits and incoming enquiries by proactively communicating ETA to customers
Job tracking on desktop

Live job tracking

Track live job progress and respond immediately to any late running jobs or scheduling problems.

  • Get automated job start, finish and duration times based on arrival and departure
  • Set up custom live alerts to notify you whenever a job is running late
  • View the current status of jobs (early, on time, late) and easily reassign jobs with a simple drop-down
Planned versus actual on map

Planned vs actual reporting

The data from completed jobs can be used to evaluate and optimise your future schedule.

  • Automate job reports in Connect to reveal % of jobs on time, jobs completed vs jobs planned, and more
  • Report by driver, vehicle or group to discover the most efficient workers or where most time is lost
  • Export all job data to run custom reports and uncover further insights
Customer notifications on mobile

End customer notification

(December 2019)

Improve customer experience and reduce job duration by providing accurate ETAs for customers.

  • Trigger an automated SMS to your end customer with live location data
  • They can tap on a link to track the vehicle in real time
  • Customise the parameters to suit your business
Job dispatching on mobile

Job dispatching and proof of delivery

Masternaut On Time also uses the SmarterDriver app, where drivers can:

  • View assigned jobs with details such as address, expected arrival time and expected duration
  • Manually start, complete or cancel jobs, and leave job notes for managers to see
  • Collect customer signatures and take photos for electronic proof of delivery


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Masternaut On Time