Paperless By Masternaut

Go digital with field workflows

Does your businesses still rely on paper-based processes for mobile workers? See how you can easily shift to digital forms on a mobile platform and boost your workforce productivity.


Digitise your paperforms in no time!

How it works:

  • You reproduce your forms onscreen using simple input fields like date selectors, dropdowns, radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Your mobile workforce installs the Paperless app on their smartphones or tablets; when they log in, they see relevant forms and job assignments
  • Data becomes available to you as soon as a worker completes any form on their device

Boost your field operations

Using our flexible Application Programming Interface (API), you are able to:

  • Assign jobs through your usual job management system and send them straight to the worker's screen
  • Get real-time visibility of your jobs and collect corresponding data as your workers complete jobs in the field
  • Speed up information flows by connecting digital forms into your existing field service management and other business applications

Richer and more reliable data

Digital forms allow you to collect richer and more reliable data from the field:

  • Collect media such as annotated pictures, videos, barcodes, etc.
  • Use prepopulated lists and data validation to avoid input errors.
  • Never lose a form again! Paperless securely stores your forms and data in the cloud.

We help you implement

Our Catalytix consultants will design and implement your Paperless system:

  • Analysing existing paper forms, systems and processes, and designing a solution
  • Implementing the solution, including the set up of digital forms, rules and PDF reports, and assisting with integration into your IT
  • Training on the new processes to ensure a smooth transition to the new system
  • Assessing the results of the changes and providing improvement plans
  • Overseeing the whole process, including planning, tasks and review meetings.

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