Can Bus Device

Accurate fleet data from a truly non-intrusive telematics device

Modern operations managers need to make decisions based on facts, not rough estimates. Our patented CAN bus technology reads data straight from the vehicle’s computer, so you can have conversations about the facts, not about data quality.


CAN bus data accuracy

Our patented CAN bus technology reads data straight from the vehicle’s computer and does not rely on location-based estimates to deliver: 

  • Real MPG, fuel consumption and mileage
  • Speed, acceleration and braking
  • Over-revving and idling

Non-intrusive tracking

Our patented CAN bus clip connector is 100% read-only.

It does not require soldering, cannot tamper with a vehicle's operation, and will not obstruct your drivers in any way.

By simply clipping onto two wires behind the dashboard, we can help your business track fleet data that really matters.

“Comparing GPS-based estimates to CAN bus information is like comparing a sundial to a stopwatch. You want to have a fact-based conversation with your colleagues about how to improve things, not a conversation about who is right.”

Franc Nicoletti, Product Manager, Masternaut


Technical details

Our devices measure the following CAN data straight from the vehicle’s electronic control unit several times per second in order to provide accurate metrics via Masternaut Connect:

  • Odometer
  • Speed & MPG
  • RPM

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