Masternaut Pulse is a truly self-install GPS tracker that delivers high-quality position data for your entire fleet or for the vehicles that cannot be equipped with a permanently installed solution: short-hires, subcontractors, company cars, grey fleet…

Typical usage

Masternaut Pulse is a versatile telematics device that offers many services, including:

  • Reporting usage & journeys of short-term hires
  • Generating timesheets for fieldworkers
  • Gaining visibility over a subcontractor
  • Creating expense reports for employees using their private car for business purposes

How Masternaut Pulse works

Masternaut Pulse comes pre-configured with your Masternaut account. Just plug Masternaut Pulse into the vehicle's cigarette lighter to start collecting data. On the fleet management platform you can then:

  • Rename the device as a vehicle or a driver
  • See live positions
  • Explore historical journeys

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