Use vehicle tracking as part of your Masternaut fleet management system. With our GPS fleet tracking solutions, you can manage commercial operations more effectively to improve your productivity and reduce your fleet costs. 


Masternaut Connect

Get actionable insights about your fleet’s performance on our 4th-generation vehicle fleet tracker SaaS platform, Masternaut Connect.

Masternaut Connect supports a wide variety of fleet management solutions, processing thousands of data points per second in UK/EU-based secure and reliable data centres. Delivering live and historical data, it allows managers to understand fleet activity at a glance.


Masternaut Connect offers the following functional modules:


Simplify fleet management

With our industry-leading business vehicle tracking system, you can respond to situations as they develop to make the most of your fleet. It will allow you to:


  • Check and prove the time of deliveries or arrivals

  • Find the nearest vehicle for emergency jobs

  • Receive notifications on activities that matter to your business

  • Reward and incentivise your drivers using online league tables

  • Prepare shipments just in time for pick-up

  • View locations on your mobile with the SmartDriver app

Vehicle tracking report

Optimise performance to run a lean fleet

Our historical commercial vehicle tracking reports provide insights to help you achieve your future goals. To delve deeper and maximise your ROI, speak to our Professional Services team who will:

  • Highlight company fuel waste to improve your fleet’s sustainability and cut costs

  • Help you increase your productivity, reduce overtime, and automate your timesheets

  • Provide a strategy to optimise your vehicle use

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Our commercial vehicle tracking systems and devices


Our live vehicle tracking software and devices have all been developed in-house by industry experts and are rigorously tested to deliver the highest levels of data accuracy, quality, and reliability at all times.

CAN bus clip

Get data straight from the vehicle’s computer.



In-cab coach

Encourage safer driving behaviour.


OBD device

Basic track & trace and limited driver behaviour.


Masternaut Pulse

A simple, flexible vehicle tracking solution.


We can help you manage your operations with vehicle GPS tracking solutions

Our highly experienced team will help you select the perfect company vehicle tracking solution and GPS vehicle tracking devices to suit your needs.