From in-cab coaching devices to driver league tables, discover tools to improve driving behaviour.

Reduce fleet risks

Our solutions score driving behaviour on safety and create a league table. This means you can tailor your coaching plans to your drivers, develop and train people more effectively and reward good driving.

  • Identify drivers most at risk
  • Analyse individual behaviour
  • Highlight specific training needs
  • Launch ‘safe driver’ award schemes
  • Schedule alerts for risky events

The unseen advantage revealed

Dalkia improved driving behaviour, leading to a 15% reduction in accidents.

“We’ve been able to optimise our fleet management costs, make significant savings through reduced fuel consumption, and also reduce the number of accidents, thus ensuring better on the road safety for our employees.”

FORS accreditation

FORS is voluntary accreditation scheme that encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Our technology can help you provide the evidence needed to achieve FORS accreditation. Prove your commitement to safety and simplify your audit.

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