Boost Service

Improve customer satisfaction through telematics.

Map a seamless customer experience with our flexible platform, and connect systems across your business.

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Serve more customers

With vehicle tracking and full visibility of your fleet across the business, you can delight more customers in the same amount of time with the same drivers.

  • Pinpoint live vehicle locations from your office or smartphone
  • Highlight the vehicle closest to the job
  • Find the best person for a job based on driver skills or tools
  • Plan the most direct routes for individual vehicles

Serve them better

Discover new possibilities for the service you provide, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Let customers know of delays
  • Set up alerts to show when vehicles are returning to the depot
  • Use a big screen in the office to see live vehicle locations
  • Prove times and dates of attempted deliveries or attendance
  • Bill customers on exact mileage driven

Serve them seamlessly

Create a smoother process in your business to provide a seamless journey for your customers.

With our flexible fleet tracking platform Masternaut Connect and our systems integration services, you can streamline process across:

  • Fleet databases
  • HR systems
  • Real-time positioning systems
  • Invoicing tools
  • Customer service systems
York Pie Company

The unseen advantage revealed

Seeing their vehicle locations gave The York Pie Company the confidence to accept last-minute orders. This unlocked the service excellence they needed to grow.

“Being able to get in an extra delivery every day gives us those extra sales that make all the difference.”

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