Streamline your process and identify inefficiencies with features that help you save more.

Save costs

Here's what our customers save annually, on average.

Average* savings per vehicle = £660

  • £240 fuel
  • £180 personnel
  • £120 vehicle and asset
  • £120 incident and insurance

* Average based on data across 10,000 commercial vehicles. Exact savings cannot be guaranteed, because each fleet’s savings depend on the initial situation, the industry and active management of the Masternaut Connect platform and mobile workforce.

masternaut online timesheet identify late starts and early finish times

Save time

Analyse expenditure on one screen with all the data you need at your fingertips. Our platform also generates quick and accurate reports for you, so you can reduce admin time.

  • Analyse late starts & early finishes
  • Reduce overtime claims
  • Stop mileage over-claims
  • Separate business from personal mileage
  • Stop out-of-hours usage of vehicles

The unseen advantage revealed

Premier Waste eradicated a significant amount of paper documentation and improved routing. They saved in the region of £80,000 per year for each vehicle.

“We have been able to reduce a six-vehicle collection round to five vehicles through better route planning and management.” Paul Littlefair, Divisional Director, Premier Waste.

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