As the clocks change, the risks associated with driving inevitably rise as darker afternoons and evenings lead to an increase in road traffic incidents.

On Saturday night, we’ll gain an extra hour of sleep, which will probably make a lot of people happy. But that happiness could be short-lived if the afternoon gloom and early arrival of darkness lead to being involved in a road traffic collision.

Even though advances in technology mean that cars are now safer and our roads better lit, the switch to GMT means we inevitably face a riskier driving environment.

Forewarned is forearmed, so drivers should be aware of the changes and adapt their driving style to suit the changed conditions, taking extra caution in the next few weeks as darkness encroaches on the working day and evening commute.

Promoting road safety is a key part of our mission and so we’ve created an infographic for drivers on "TOP 5 safety tips " to help promote safer roads for us all.

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