The telematics industry has come a long way. Over the past five years, we have witnessed an undeniable change of focus from a ‘control’ based approach towards ‘Big Data’ management, allowing analysis and operational improvement through rich, real-time telematics data.

This evolutionary journey is experienced by many of our 10,000 customers. By looking at patterns across different sectors, we have identified four key stages in this journey. Which stage are you at?

Phase 1: Create visibility & engagement with real-time data

Real-time vehicle tracking grants Fleet Managers and Operations Managers visibility into employees’ locations allowing for more efficient planning, simplified scheduling, reduced overtime and fuel spend. Furthermore, real-time tracking empowers drivers to self-regulate and improve their scores. We recommend for our customers to use our in-cab coach and mobile app in conjunction with road safety training to get their drivers on board and engaged in this important phase.

Phase 2: One-off analyses allow for better negotiation

Our Insights Team’s one-off analyses help customers lower their fleet-related costs based on historical data. For example, we regularly help customers increase their insurance savings by up to 10%. Telematics is recognised by many leading insurers as both an investment in safety and a sound claims management strategy. A simple extraction from your existing data can make a strong and efficient case to an insurance supplier. We also help customers lower their fuel card spend and vehicle utilisation by analysing existing report data.

Phase 3: Streamline processes through API integration

Open APIs are a must for enterprise-grade telematics players. APIs enable operational efficiency by sharing selected fleet data across your organisation. Our customers are using the Masternaut API to streamline a variety of Customer Service, Finance and HR business processes:

  • Real-time optimisation of jobs via the ERP system
  • Mileage expenses and overtime directly in the payroll system
  • Syncing vehicle and employee databases

“As part of our Smart Data strategy, we wanted to integrate Masternaut’s data as efficiently as possible. The API made this a reality”
Adrian Talbot, AMEY Smart Data Team

Phase 4: Transform your business model & customer experience

Companies are using data and insights to improve their business processes and customer engagements. Would you like to charge your customers in real-time based on the effort it took to complete a job? What if your customers could schedule jobs via an app without contacting you?

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