How does your business measure the cost and efficiency of your fleet? Our solutions provide finance teams with the online tools they need to easily monitor key metrics such as fuel costs, driver timesheets, mileage expenses and asset utilisation. Over 10,000 customers use us to make savings, improve operational efficiency and benchmark performance with confidence.

Honest fleet savings

Our fleet savings are based on real customer data. We have run studies on over 10,000 customer vehicles and the results are conclusive.

Average* savings per vehicle = £660

  • Fuel - £240
  • Personnel - £180
  • Vehicle & asset - £120
  • Incident & insurance - £120

* Average based on data across 10,000 commercial vehicles. Exact savings cannot be guaranteed, because each fleet’s savings depend on the initial situation, the industry and active management of the Masternaut Connect platform and mobile workforce.

What is telematics?

Vehicle telematics is typically the process of collecting key data points from onboard systems, combining it with GPS data and then transmitting the result to a data centre in real-time.

At Masternaut, this is all received and processed at one of our enterprise-class UK data centres that drives ‘Connect’, our fleet management SaaS application.

Masternaut Connect provides a clear view into fleet activity together with the power to transform this into valuable insights about operations, performance and utilisation.

Our patented telematics devices and innovative online software enable thousands of businesses throughout the UK and across Europe to make smarter decisions about driver safety, fleet savings, service excellence and sustainability.

"Improved routing will save in the region of £80,000 per year for each vehicle. We have been able to reduce a 6-vehicle collection round to 5 vehicles through better route planning and management."

Paul Littlefair, Divisional Director, Premier Waste

Masternaut Connect on desktop computer and mobile

Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Connect receives thousands of data points per second from over 100,000 vehicles and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team.

  • User first: Intuitive, smooth user experience
  • Built to scale: Powerful 4th-generation platform and API
  • Your data in safe hands: highest security standards compliant with EU regulations

Cutting fleet costs

EES UK is using our telematics devices and SaaS application to improve payroll accuracy, reduce vehicle wear & tear and save huge amounts on fuel costs.

“We don’t know what we’d do without Masternaut anymore; the service has helped us to create efficiency savings that have made the investment well worthwhile...”