IT professionals are increasingly involved in fleet operations, as connected vehicles, the IoT and managing ‘big data’ are transforming business operations. Telematics is at the heart of this movement.

Our solutions have provided fleet and operations teams with access to data, analytical tools and insights for many years. Now with a 4th generation SaaS platform that offers the ability to integrate with finance, HR and ERP applications, the IT team can help leverage fleet data to streamline administration, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Masternaut Connect on desktop computer and mobile

Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Connect receives thousands of data points per second from over 100,000 vehicles and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team.

  • User first: Intuitive, smooth user experience
  • Built to scale: Powerful 4th-generation platform and API
  • Your data in safe hands: highest security standards compliant with EU regulations

What is telematics?

Vehicle telematics is typically the process of collecting key data points from onboard systems, combining it with GPS data and then transmitting the result to a data centre in real-time.

At Masternaut, this is all received and processed at one of our enterprise-class UK data centres that drives ‘Connect’, our fleet management SaaS application.

Masternaut Connect provides a clear view into fleet activity together with the power to transform this into valuable insights about operations, performance and utilisation.

Our patented telematics devices and innovative online software enable thousands of businesses throughout the UK and across Europe to make smarter decisions about driver safety, fleet savings, service excellence and sustainability.

"When choosing a telematics provider, it is important to make sure that there are safeguards in place to protect your data, and that they enable you to be compliant with EU regulations. Our data centres meet the highest security standards and provide for disaster recovery."

Alex Rothwell, CTO, Masternaut

Boosting fleet visibility

Tracking vehicles in real-time has enabled Office Essentials to cut delivery times by 50% and increase fleet efficiency by 40%.

“We are now able to tell our customers exactly where their delivery is and exactly how long until it will be with them. The solution has given us control over costs, drivers, deliveries, fuel and routing – everything we need!”