• Somerset Gas

    "Although we have only been using Masternaut’s mobile workflow application for a relatively short period of time, it is already invaluable to the way we run our business.”


    Joe Lewis,

    Business Manager

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  • Premier Waste

    "The improved routing will save in the region of £80,000 per year for each vehicle. We have been able to reduce a 6-vehicle collection round to 5 vehicles through better route planning and management."


    Paul Littlefair,

    Divisional Director

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  • Balfour Beatty Fleet Services

    "The support network and the project management team that we have been working with have been fantastic and we look forward to a long and successful partnership."


    Robert Lindsay

    Driver Risk Manager, Fleet Services

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  • Dorset Travel

    “I would like to place on record my thanks to you for the professional manner in which you managed the install and deployment process and for the advice given, which was money well spent.”


    Peter Colvin,

    Fleet Operation Manager

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  • Dalkia

    "We’ve been able to optimise our fleet management costs, make significant savings through reduced fuel consumption, and also reduce the number of accidents.”


    Jean-Luc Celotto,

    National Vehicle Management Manager

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  • Murdock Builders Merchants

    "The system gives us 100% accurate times of delivery and the ability to update customers if there are unexpected delays, and we’ve been able to make efficiency savings on fuel."


    Paul Sheppard,

    Group Fleet Manager

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  • Andrew Page

    "We’ve now got 98% of our drivers rates as being safe drivers and this improvement in driving style is ensuring that we’re helping our staff get home safely.”


    Stuart Wiseman,

    Group Fleet Manager


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  • Restore Datashred

    “With our effort and determination, the partnership between Restore Datashred and Masternaut has brought really positive results to the business.”


    Ian Walsh, Head of Fleet, Restore Datashred

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  • Twente Express

    “Being able to monitor driving, set benchmarks and set some standards for drivers to work to, is definitely the way to go."


    Matthew Verrall,

    Commercial Director


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  • Clarke Transport

    “We are more than impressed with the Masternaut team and their solutions. We could not have envisioned this transition period going so smoothly. We had lost faith in the telematics industry as a whole and Masternaut has completely restored that.”

    Nick Clarke,

    Interim Compliance Manager

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  • Edward Gilder Transport

    “With Masternaut as our partner, not only can we see the live and historic journey information, we can see the MPG and idling from the vehicles. The website is really easy to use, thorough and very intuitive.”


    Steve Worton

    Operations Manager

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  • The York Pie Company

    "By getting on top of my drivers and getting the most value out of my vehicles from the start, I don’t need to worry about growth: I’m ready for it.”


    Darren Wiseman


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  • Road Rail Cranes

    “We operate a modern business, and we need data that lets us do that, without us having to worry about reliability or remote locations, or having to pay someone to manage a system.”


    Derek Hook

    Finance Director

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  • City West Works

    "We’ve saved just short of £17,000 in fuel alone and reduced CO2 emissions by 40.6 tonnes thanks to Masternaut’s solution."


    John Ashworth,

    Facilities Officer

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  • Office Essentials

    “We’ve had a great return on investment, with the solution saving us money on fuel and improving our customer service by making our fleet more efficient."


    Garry Baker,

    Operations Director

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  • Oakleaf Commercial Services

    “I can’t imagine us operating without our Masternaut system. As responsible managers, we want and need the information it gives us.”


    Keith Burgess,

    Executive Business Manager

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  • Elevator Engineering Services

    "The data Masternaut has been providing has been vital in maintaining a safe, productive workforce on the move. In addition, Masternaut has helped us to extend the life of our vehicles."


    Ray Brown,

    UK Commercial Director

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  • RMS Group Services

    "A key element of the Masternaut system is that it engages with each department within the company to drive and improve performance, leading to cost savings and reduced risk to the business.”


    Charlie McLoughlin
    Group Fleet Manager, RMS Group Services

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  • Lanes Group

    "Lanes Group aims for the highest standards of operational efficiency, so we are naturally excited to see how our Masternaut solution can benefit existing customers and prestigious new contracts."


    Alan Wallis,

    Operations Director

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  • Smith Construction

    "Not only can we give customers much more information on when a job can be done, but we’ve also got the added security if there’s ever a dispute."


    Paul Usher


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  • Stannah

    “We are constantly trying to reduce waste and introducing the SmarterDriver app was a significant development towards this goal. It is a handy tool allowing drivers to stay on top of their mileage whilst on the go. This removes the waste of batching for the end of the month and complements the accuracy from telematic journey capture..”

    Martin Carter,

    Information Systems Director

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  • Mick George Ltd

    “The support and driver materials we have received from Masternaut are great. We are already seeing results in improved driver behaviour and efficiency savings."


    Jonathan Willmore,

    Procurement Manager


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  • GRAHAM Construction

    “Thanks to Masternaut’s fantastic solution, we were able to reduce fuel costs in the first four months of use by 11%."


    Karl Teggarty,

    Business Manager

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  • Cavalier & Renew

    "The solution has helped with time management hugely, making sure the team’s hours are effectively managed in order to deliver our customers speedy results and improve our audit trail."


    Chris Sutton,

    Services Director

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  • Crystal Collections

    "The reports and data provided by Masternaut has provided us with the means to monitor and improve driver behaviour, whilst simultaneously reducing the amount spent on fuel."


    Rhys Hellen,

    Business Development Director

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  • Cormac

    “The service delivered by Masternaut exceeded our expectations and the Catalytix team deserve great credit for delivering a complex project on time and within budget.”


    Chris Stone,

    Fleet Logistics Analyst

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  • Vegetarian Express

    “Implementing Masternaut telematics has helped us to transform our business. We’re able to support customer service to deliver excellent results. Our drivers are incentivised on safe driving behaviours and we’ve seen savings across fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.”

    Adam West,

    Head of Operations

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