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Find out how Cars Périer reduces its fuel consumption and improves passenger comfort with Masternaut.

  • £82,000*  in annual savings at the pump 
  • 16% reduction in excessive speeding
  • A structured method and working in close partnership with clients


The Cars Périer group is a major player in transport and tourism in Normandy, providing coach services to schools and regular passenger routes, private company transport and charter coach hire. 

The Challenges 

Cars Périer has chosen to work with Masternaut to produce reliable data that can help monitor its day-to-day business. The aim is to further the company’s success in this highly competitive sector and to improve the travel experience of its customers through improvements in the safety and comfort of its passengers. 

The Masternaut Service 

Masternaut uses a structured method and works in close partnership to not just meet but go beyond the client's expectations. In collaboration with Cars Périer we have equipped 169 vehicles with our brand of telematics and 130 of them have our on-board eco-driving coach. 

In order to guarantee the best performance of our Masternaut services for Cars Périer, we split this project into four key steps: 

#1 Setting Up the System 

We carried out a survey of some of their vehicles in order to fine-tune Masternaut's system before fully rolling it out across the rest of the fleet. That means defining what our indicators are (excessive speeding, hard braking...) to measure the improvements. 

#2 Communication and Starting Up 

Communication and training for employees on the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the service is crucially important for a smooth transition. 

#3 Start Up Period  

What were the results? Was there an improvement in driving?  We gave the results to managers and drivers to make it clear how the system benefits them. 

#4 Estimated Benefits 

At the end we measured what real benefits this has given Cars Périer. How much money did they save? What is the percentage of reduction in road accidents?

The Results 

With the help of Masternaut's system and the support of our team, Cars Périer has reported better driving behaviour, and not only that. Better driving has had a direct impact on vehicle fuel consumption. Here are the results: 

  • £82,000* in annual savings at the pump 
  • 16% reduction in excessive speeding 
  • 64% decrease in engine over-revving 
  • 46% reduction in idling 

The Reasons For Its Success 

Masternaut speeds up the implementation of telematics in a company. We manage the projects from A to Z, from rolling out to overseeing training and calculating the ROI. We value:  

  • Coaching managers and sharing the benefits of eco-driving to increase drivers' awareness 
  • The use of all eco-driving indicators for a maximum ROI  
  • A structured method and working in close partnership with clients


*calculated by the reduction in fuel consumption reported in the 6 weeks following the activation of our on-board assistants at an estimated fuel price of £0.99.


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