Operational efficiency is vital to Cavalier & Renew. Masternaut delivers a solution that won’t unravel over time.

Cavalier Carpets has been producing carpet for the home since 1972 with products designed and manufactured for both the domestic and contract markets. The business has grown to be one of the premier British manufacturers in the industry, providing customers with high quality products and competitive prices.

The challenge

The company’s presence in the insurance market has grown considerably over the last few years, in particular with flooring and furniture insurance claims. Branded as Renew, they have a large team of directly employed mobile inspectors covering the UK, who are deployed to check on claims before restoring or validating for replacement damaged flooring and furniture items.

Due to this growth in the insurance market, Renew had to make sure it was complying with the stringent audit requirements of the industry. Renew needed a full job scheduling solution that would help the mobile workforce be more efficient while also generating an audit record of each piece of information collected on every job.

The solution

Masternaut offered Renew a fleet management solution which could address all their scheduling needs in one. The system could be integrated with their UNIX platform software and easily rolled out across both the mobile workforce and staff based at their Service Centre in the North West. Purchases could be made per license user and Masternaut also offered a support team which could work with Renew’s IT team to make sure the integration ran smoothly. Masternaut’s consultants also demonstrated the ability of the solution to give real-time prompts, ensuring employees gather the correct level of information when at a site, creating a full audit trail should customer queries later arise.

The outcome

Since using Masternaut’s solution, Renew has seen a notable increase in efficiency, with a 25% average increase of appointments taking place within the same working hours and with the same number of staff. From an HR perspective, the solution helps Renew manage the performance of their inspectors and identify where pressure points are for strategic resource planning.

Masternaut’s solution also provides managers at the Renew Service Centre with instant access to inspector reports as soon as they have left a site visit. This allows rapid response in the event of a customer query.

The quote

“The solution has helped with time management hugely, making sure the team’s hours are effectively managed in order to deliver our customers speedy results and improve our audit trail. We also have a great relationship with Masternaut’s customer service team, who are always on hand to help and keep us updated with developments in the market. If there is a value-added service available which could benefit us they will let us know and offer it for a nominal amount.” Chris Sutton, Services Director, Renew

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