Crystal Collections needed a solution to improve driver safety. Masternaut provided a solution that gave in-depth driver feedback.

Crystal Collections is the UK’s premier responsible debt servicing company to the motor and asset finance industry. Established in 1993, Crystal Collections has been entrusted to carry out discreet tracing and asset recoveries by major financial houses in the South East of England.

The challenge

Crystal Collections is a responsible debt servicing company serving the whole of the UK with its fleet of recovery vehicles and trucks. Its mantra is built around offering the best customer service, so when it came to managing its fleet of recovery vehicle drivers, it needed a telematics solution that had safety and visibility at its core.

Fleet managers wanted to ensure that drivers’ hours and conditions were monitored accurately, in accordance with health and safety legislation. The company also wanted to also better understand and improve driver behaviour to create a safer working environment for staff and other road users.

The solution

Masternaut offered Crystal Collections a telematics solution that provides the company with a powerful tool that has helped to improve customer service. Drivers are now able to use the software’s powerful routing capabilities to find the quickest way to a job, while fleet managers have a real-time view of the fleet at any time. Fleet managers can dispatch the closest driver to a job and give clients up to date and accurate information on when drivers will arrive.

In addition, Masternaut’s telematics solution has provided Crystal Collections with fleet visibility on criteria such as driver idling, speeding and fuel use. This can be used to address driver safety and improve operational efficiency.

The outcome

Since implementing Masternaut’s solution, Crystal Collections has seen a range of benefits across its fleet of recovery vehicles.

On the customer service front, Crystal Collections has maintained its excellence and has improved on the service it provides to clients. Fleet managers and customer service managers have a real-time view of each vehicle’s location, ensuring they can give clients precise information on time of arrival and any delays that may be caused by traffic. Knowing pinpoint driver location has helped to manage client’s expectations for urgent work.

Another notable improvement for Crystal Collections has been in understanding how the fleet is driving on an ongoing basis. Driver safety has improved markedly with Masternaut’s system helping to completely remove all instances of speeding, keeping drivers and other road users safe on the road.

This information has also had the knock on effect of helping drivers to drive more effectively and reduce instances of idling, speeding and aggressive handling. This has helped Crystal Collections make a 20% saving on fuel expenditure.

All this contributed to Crystal Collection being recognised for its social impact as it won the Wales Responsible Small Business of the Year Award in 2013.

The quote

“With excellent customer service and social responsibility at the heart of our offering, it was vital for us to have a solution that can help us provide better feedback to customers and improve driver safety. The reports and data provided by Masternaut has provided us with the means to monitor and improve driver behaviour, whilst simultaneously reducing the amount spent on fuel. The solution has helped us to go the extra mile for our clients, with our customer service team able to give detailed feedback to our clients. Having this level of detail to provide our clients has really helped us to improve satisfaction.” Rhys Hellen, Business Development Director at Crystal Collections.

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