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Dalkia was seeking a way to optimise costs … thanks to Masternaut’s solution, Dalkia is improving its return on investment.

The challenge

Dalkia, a leading French energy services company, was created in 1998 during the merger of two entities, Esys-Montenay and Compagnie Générale de chauffe, before later becoming part of the EDF Group in July 2014.

Dalkia provides energy solutions across France with the aim of controlling consumption, ensuring energy efficiency, and promoting local and renewable resources. The company offers its customers tailored solutions to reduce their energy bills and improve the performance of their facilities. Dalkia wanted to reduce its own energy consumption and restrict the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its fleet by implementing an intelligent telematics solution. With 8,200 vehicles on the road, it was important for Dalkia to fully maximise its investment in fleet management.

The solution

Because precision is of the utmost important for Dalkia, the company decided to choose Masternaut’s telematics solution, which uses patented CAN bus technology to accurately track detailed vehicle data in real time.

Installed in 5000 vehicles, Masternaut’s solution allows fleet managers to, among other things, track the exact kilometres of each vehicle, fuel consumption and issue engine alerts, such as for low oil or technical defects.

With the collected data, Dalkia has 100% accurate data, giving it precise knowledge of the general condition of the vehicles. This allows Dalkia fleet managers to anticipate maintenance and monitor fuel consumption. The solution also provides Dalkia with the essential information to optimise fleet costs and see the at-risk drivers that need training to improve driver behaviour, and reduce instances of harsh braking, harsh acceleration and idling.

The outcome

Since initial implementation in November 2012, before being fully deployed in December 2014, Masternaut’s solution has already helped Dalkia optimise its costs.

The solution has allowed Dalkia to significantly improve its return on investment, delivering a 10% fuel saving – equivalent to 1 million euros per year – and a 15% reduction in accidents. As a result, this has allowed Dalkia to reinvest the money in other areas of the business.

The quote

“Investing in a telematics solution for Dalkia has been a great decision for the company. We’ve been able to optimise our fleet management costs, make significant savings through reduced fuel consumption, and also reduce the number of accidents, thus ensuring better on the road safety for our employees.”
Jean-Luc Celotto, National Vehicle Management Manager, Dalkia

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