Gilbert's Transport

Husband and wife team Jeff and Joanne started Gilbert’s Transport over 20 years ago and have gained a reputation with their customers for first class service and reliability.

Delivering all across the country, they needed a system that was easy to use and provided them with accurate vehicle locations.

For Joanne the most important thing is maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction. Her motto; “you are only as good as your last job,” helps to ensure that service is always of the highest standard.

Despite being a small, family-run business, the company prides itself on its professionalism. That is why it is so important that all the staff have uniforms, all the vehicles are branded with the company name and all deliveries are made in a timely and efficient manner.

Joanne describes Masternaut Connect as the perfect solution for their company. She had been wanting to invest in telematics for a few years, but had been put off by complicated systems. She was advised to try Masternaut by a friend who is a transport manager in the steel industry. He told her that the system was user friendly and simple to use.

With Masternaut Connect Joanne is able track the exact location of her vehicles, allowing her to provide customers with a clear estimate of when their delivery will arrive. Live traffic updates mean she can reroute drivers quickly and efficiently and the ‘show nearest’ feature ensures the right driver gets to the right job.

Masternaut Connect also allows Joanne to monitor driver behaviour. She said “Jeff always told me that bad drivers use more fuel, but I didn’t think that was true.” She can now see what an impact driver behaviour has on fuel costs and the condition of your vehicles.

“It’s our moral responsibility to ensure drivers are taking regular breaks,” says Joanne. There is currently no law in place for LGV driver working hours, like there is for HGV drivers. However it should be a company’s duty of care to ensure that drivers are not driving for long periods of time without taking regular breaks.

Masternaut Connect allows Joanne to see how long her drivers have been on the road for and where they have stopped to take a break. “The engineer was great, he came on a Saturday and the installation was completed without any issues.” 

“If you want longevity with a company you have to move forward”, Joanne mentions when talking about why they chose to invest in a new office and telematics. She continues to say, “With trackers you have to move forward, because customers demand them.”

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