GRAHAM Construction wanted its drivers to save money at the pump ... Masternaut delivered a solution that was miles ahead of the goal.

GRAHAM Construction is the largest subsidiary of John Graham Holdings Ltd, one of UK and Ireland’s largest privately owned companies operating in the construction, asset management and project investment markets. The company operates a range of light commercial vehicles. How do you keep track of them to drive fuel efficiency? GRAHAM Construction turned to Masternaut’s expertise and telematics solutions to reduce the Miles per Gallon (MPG) fuel consumption of its fleet vehicles, in order to secure valuable cost savings.

The challenge

GRAHAM Construction has a rich heritage of delivering outstanding civil engineering and construction projects through design and build, Public Private Partnerships and framework partnering. To provide an outstanding service to its clients across the UK and Ireland, GRAHAM Construction operates a network of regional offices. As a result of this, its fleet of vehicles often travel the length and breadth of both countries. The company needed a comprehensive solution to not only reduce fuel bills across all its vehicles but also study how driving styles were contributing to excessive fuel consumption.

The solution

GRAHAM Construction conducted a competitive pitch process and carried out a trial across a sample set of vehicles with leading telematics providers. The vehicles with Masternaut’s solution were the clear winner, proving that its telematics expertise could help the construction company drive cost savings across its fleet. Masternaut delivered a powerful fleet management tool designed to lower carbon footprint and save money. This included:

Engine efficiency: Real-time information on each vehicle provided accurate data on fuel consumption and driver behaviour. This was achieved by accessing the vehicle’s CAN bus that generates more granular data insights into fuel consumption and driver behaviour, enabling GRAHAM to procure only the most efficient vehicles in the future.

Vehicle management efficiency: The robust solution also helped GRAHAM to get an insight to measure vehicle depreciation and cost per mile. The real-time web-based system replaced the need for manual time and mileage sheets – providing much more sophisticated and reliable reporting.

The outcome

“Thanks to Masternaut’s fantastic solution, we were able to reduce fuel costs in the first four months of use by 11%. We believe 6% of this was down to quick wins such as eradicating unwarranted idling and encouraging drivers to make more efficient route choices. The remaining 5% being due to improved driving technique following individual driver guidance and training generated from the data gained from the Masternaut System. The fully automated system was configured to our needs and we were able to understand which vehicles were using the most fuel. This in turn helped us to enhance the performance of our existing vehicles and where needed, adopt more economical driving styles. What really impressed us was the support from the team at Masternaut who were dedicated to helping us maximise the savings from the implementation.” Karl Teggarty, Business Manager, GRAHAM Construction

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