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Transforming Stericycle’s operations and delivering £4.2m in net savings

The foundations for efficiency

Stericycle, one of the UK’s leading healthcare waste specialists, is committed to providing safe, compliant and sustainable solutions in the most efficient way possible.

To deliver these high operational standards and reduce fleet costs, Stericycle has worked in partnership with Masternaut since 2015 to leverage the data captured from their telematics to unlock potential opportunities.

Stericycle’s collaboration with Masternaut directly resulted in £4.2 million of savings.

To achieve this, Masternaut:

  • identified and removed 80 under-utilised vehicles
  • reduced fuel consumption through smarter route planning
  • lowered insurance costs through clearer visibility over driver behaviour

Masternaut and Stericycle’s partnership has allowed new investment into cleaner and more efficient vehicles to meet new legislation requirements and continue to provide services across London and within the new ULEZ and future CAZ across the UK.

How did Stericycle turn their telematics insights into business impact?

With 6 areas of opportunity to explore, Masternaut focused on the 4 with the biggest saving potential, including...

Opportunity 1: more efficient route scheduling

Masternaut analysed all driver journeys to their first customer and found that over 60% of these journeys were over the 45-minute target that Stericycle had set. Delving further into the data, Masternaut then categorised Stericycle’s vehicles into 5 groups based on the frequency of this event to identify opportunities for better productivity.

Identifying inefficient first journeys is targeted to increase productivity by £140,000 per year

The opportunities Masternaut identified increased Stericycle’s productivity by £1.4m in 2018.

Opportunity 2: optimising turnaround times

Masternaut analysed the stopping patterns of the Stericycle fleet, looking closely at the turnaround times between entering and leaving their 16 depots. This revealed that 50% of Stericycle’s depot turnarounds were above their target and were creating productivity gains.

Optimising these turnarounds resulted in a fleet productivity increase of £250,000 in 2018

Opportunity 3: improving driver performance

Masternaut analysed time spent by drivers at unscheduled locations that were neither a depot or a customer. This visibility allowed the team to identify hot spots of unproductive driver behaviour and unplanned dwell time.

This highlighted a huge opportunity for Stericycle, directly resulting in a productivity increase of £430,000

Opportunity 4: maximising vehicle utilisation

Masternaut analysed Stericycle’s fleet and vehicle usage; through continual assessment and a journey optimisation project, Stericycle have removed a total of 80 under-utilised vehicles since 2015.

This has directly saved Stericycle over £2 million in savings

Supporting day-to-day transformation

Masternaut’s consultancy expertise will continue to unlock business potential for Stericycle, today and in the future. We deliver actionable reports every day with insights, visibility and guidance, to support Stericycle and to ensure opportunities are seized and the right strategic decisions are made.

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