Mimram Site Services

Mimram Site Services needed a solution to better understand driver behaviour….Masternaut delivered a solution that cut fuel by 10% and reduced speeding.

Mimram Site Services is a specialist electrical services company, offering customers across the UK a range of electrical services, from CCTV and lighting to fire detection and door access systems. Established in 2008, Mimram Site Services works across a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, airports and leisure centres. In addition to electrical services, Mimram also offers set up services for building sites.

The challenge

With a variety of job sites ranging from schools and hospitals to airports and wind turbines, fleet managers at Mimram Site Services faced a daily challenge of juggling which drivers to send to which jobs, based on criteria such as skill set and distance.

It needed a telematics system to help streamline these processes, helping fleet managers to effectively track jobs, drivers and vehicles to provide better customer service and accurate expense claims for personal mileage and payroll information.

In addition to a more effective vehicle tracking system, Mimram Site Services wanted to better understand how its drivers drove on the job, in order to help reduce insurance premiums on its fleet and improve driver safety.

The solution

Mimram Site Services adopted a telematics devices from Masternaut across its fleet of 58 vehicles, in vans driven by electricians and engineers, as well as company cars driven by project managers.

Masternaut’s telematics devices now provide Mimram Site Services with a complete tracking solution that gives real-time monitoring of drivers and vehicles. The system provides fleet managers and the HR team with detailed information on how the fleet is driving and how driver behaviour can be improved, particularly around incidents of speeding, harsh braking and acceleration.

Personal and business mileage can also be logged with Masternaut’s tracking solution, making any expense claims completely accurate based on odometer readings and not GPS, unlike other systems available.

The outcome

Since implementation, Mimram Site Services has seen numerous improvements across its fleet and throughout the business.

Masternaut’s telematics solution has made tracking vehicles and issuing jobs a seamless process, with fleet managers also able to provide customers with accurate time of arrival information and advise on any delays that may take place. This has resulted in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

To date, Mimram Site Services has made a 10% saving on fuel costs, thanks to real-time information available from Masternaut’s telematics solution, meaning fleet managers can dispatch the closest driver to a job and in turn reduce mileage.

Driver behaviour is closely analysed by the team at Mimram Site Service, with feedback being given to drivers who aren’t driving efficiently or safely. Since implementation Mimram Site Services has seen speeding and harsh events (rapid acceleration, late braking .etc.) both reduce significantly, creating a safer working environment for mobile staff and other road users. This has contributed to reducing money spent on fleet insurance costs.

For the HR team, Masternaut’s solution has enabled Mimram Site Services to maintain more accurate timesheets for payroll, making the process much smoother. Personal and business mileage is also tracked more effectively, with personal mileage claims completely accurate.

The quote

Working with Masternaut, we’ve been given a top rate service and valuable data to help steer our business and fleet. Masternaut’s system is a real peace of mind tool – letting us know where our staff are at any time as well as telling us how safely they’ve been driving. The results we’ve had on driver behaviour have been excellent and in the future with Masternaut, we’re hoping to do more with fuel consumption to see how we can reduce that further. We’ve made a 10% saving on fuel so far and that’s something we’re confident we can reduce further with Masternaut.

Gary Price, Mimram Site Services

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