Office Essentials is a stationary company…and with Masternaut’s help, they’re really going places.

Office Essentials is a “one stop shop” for business needs, supplying furniture, print solutions and office supplies at competitive prices. The company offers its customers a next day delivery service to ensure the efficient running of local businesses.

The challenge

Timed deliveries are a core part of Office Essentials’ service offering, and its customers rely on the business to supply products in a timely and efficient manner.

Office Essentials made the decision to bring on a telematics provider in order to gain more control over its vehicles, in particular delivery vehicles, to ensure deliveries were running as efficiently as possible and time was not being wasted on unnecessary trips.

The company’s sales reps had previously been using call sheets to record daily visits, often missing information, so there was also a requirement for a more effective way to collate and manage these reports.

The solution

Following an in-depth consultation period to ascertain the company’s exact requirements and business challenges, Masternaut offered Office Essentials a vehicle tracking solution which would address the requirements of its mobile workforce, whilst offering a number of additional benefits including cost savings and health and safety improvements for drivers. The solution is easily operated and could be implemented quickly to enable instant results.

The outcome

Since using the solution, Office Essentials has seen a 40% increase in efficiency. The head office is able to monitor the location of vehicles through a web-based system, which provides real-time visibility of the workforce and gives the ability to deploy nearby drivers as customer orders are placed.

Thanks to Masternaut’s solution, Office Essentials now has increased control over its vehicles and has seen delivery times cut by over half, with vans coming back up to two hours earlier from deliveries allowing them to do a second run.

Sales reps are no longer required to manually fill in call sheets as managers can create an automated print-out of all the information gathered by the reps throughout the day.

Drivers also receive alerts when they exhibit poor driving behaviour, such as exceeding the speed limit – while the scheduling system makes sure there is no longer a need for them to rush between deliveries. This has helped Office Essentials to improve health and safety both within its own workforce, and for others on the roads as staff become more conscious of their driving habits.

The quote

“Compared to other providers, Masternaut’s solution instantly seemed a lot more user-friendly, which was one of the key factors which contributed to our decision to select the system. We wanted a tool which we could easily roll-out across the business, allowing us to quickly begin to reap the benefits. And it’s worked – we’ve had a great return on investment, with the solution saving us money on fuel and improving our customer service by making our fleet more efficient. We are now able to tell our customers exactly where their delivery is and exactly how long until it will be with them. The solution has given us control over costs, drivers, deliveries, fuel and routing – everything we need! The Masternaut solution really does do what it says on the tin.” Garry Baker, Operations Director, Office Essentials

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