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As a major provider of highway maintenance vehicles, Ringway operates a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and is responsible for 27,000km of highways nationwide. It’s up to them to ensure that motorists enjoy the safest possible journey, every time.


Ringway needed a Mobile Resource Management solution that could provide their local authority clients with essential data about every element of their fleet activity. In short, a system that allowed their clients to view exactly the same tracking information that they themselves were using, in real time. And as their fleet included a varied range of service vehicles and maintenance assets, the solution had to be flexible enough to collect the relevant data from each vehicle type. Ringway’s aim was to create a system that not only helped them fulfil their contractual obligations, but also provided detailed documentation of all work completed. In this way, they hoped to improve client relationships through open, honest and total transparency.


Before implementing a solution, the Masternaut team considered what added value they could bring to Ringway’s business. They discovered that there were two main areas which were key to establishing the type of long-term business relationships Ringway was looking for – accuracy and communication. As a result, they devised a system that automatically generated management reports regarding each individual aspect of fleet activity, and emailed them directly to Ringway’s clients on a regular basis. And in line with Ringway’s commitment to openness and guaranteed transparency, Masternaut ensured that the system could be remotely accessed by any of Ringway’s clients, via a secure online login. By tailoring a system to Ringway’s specific needs, Masternaut provided them with a solution that helped reinforce their customer promise and build stronger business partnerships.

As many of Ringway’s fleet are equipped with specialist equipment such as penny cranes, Masternaut also installed Masternaut Vehicle Intelligence, so Ringway could monitor vehicle usage. This allowed them to see whether the equipment was being used properly and ensure that the right vehicle was assigned to the right job, helping maximise asset usage. It also helped keep their drivers safer, as the system alerted them if the equipment was not disengaged or stored properly before the vehicle moved off.


One challenge that Masternaut faced was how to capture data from Ringway’s fleet of road gritters. So they visited the three main gritting vehicle manufacturers directly to gain an in-depth understanding of each vehicle’s operating system. As a result, they were able to devise a system that monitored the flow rate and distribution quantity of grit, and was compatible with all of Ringway’s gritting fleet, regardless of vehicle model. Once the system was in place and data began to accumulate, Masternaut fed the results back to the manufacturers, to help with their product development.

To help integrate the system, Masternaut and Ringway worked together to build a firm partnership. They introduced a six-weekly steering group to address any issues or concerns, and monitor the ongoing ROI of the new technology. Ringway was also assigned a dedicated account manager who visited both their employees and clients to explain the technology and make its implementation as smooth as possible for everyone involved. In this way, the lines of communication were always open, ensuring that important information was cascaded effectively.


The system has proved invaluable for Ringway. During a recent investigation into the death of a cyclist who skidded on a patch of ice while using the road, Ringway was able to provide documented evidence that they’d carried out the necessary gritting work prior to the accident, thereby clearing them of any liability.

What’s more, since implementing the Masternaut solution, Ringway has seen a 30% drop in insurance claims made against their drivers, as well as a 30% reduction in driver speeding fines. Their fleet now functions more efficiently, with decreased overall mileage and fewer return visits to the depot throughout the day. Driver downtime has been significantly reduced across the board, which has resulted in a higher number of jobs accomplished each day than ever before.

“The information recorded by Masternaut supports our key performance indicator reporting. In the event of a fault we can compare planned and actual routes, we can provide evidence of gritting activity and we can be proactive in the management of the health and safety of our drivers.”

Andy Wallington, Contracts Manager.

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