Discover how Masternaut helped RMS revitalise its fleet by polishing driver behaviour, streamlining efficiencies and reducing costs.

Customer overview

RMS wanted to make its fleet safer and reduce costs... Masternaut’s solution did all of that and more.

RMS Group Services is a leading specialist in cash management and transport. The company provides cash and valuable transit services, coin and note supply, ATM facilities and foreign exchange POS solutions to a broad spectrum of sectors throughout the UK and

The challenge

RMS Group Services is a valuable transit specialist operating across the UK and Ireland with locations in both countries. Its advanced infrastructure produces seamless deliveries, leading real-time management information and reporting models to monitor performance.

The nature of RMS’s operation means safety and security are of the utmost importance, and the company was searching for a scalable telematics solution to complement its growth. Incident management and driver behaviour were priorities to lower insurance premiums. Reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity were also key focuses.

The solution

Masternaut implemented its Catalytix accelerator package at RMS, which is designed to quickly get customers up and running with the Masternaut system and deliver an immediate, tangible return on investment (ROI). The all-in-one solution includes physical installation, a web portal, full configuration, data interpretation, training, briefing guides for drivers and – following a four-week benchmarking period – an initial presentation of results including ROI.
The package is particularly beneficial for customers who may be new to telematics or those short on time or resource, and RMS was able to completely rely on Masternaut to handle the procedure in its entirety.

The outcome

Initial results for RMS have proved extremely promising, and the outlook for the future is good.

  • £12,000 saving in Q1 2019
  • 6.5% increase in mpg
  • 79% of vehicles delivering savings

The quote

"To change the culture of driving behaviour within the RMS group, it was paramount to select a telematics system that would benchmark, ignite, maintain and improve driving behaviour. Masternaut has delivered on all of the above in such a short timeframe.

In my opinion, a key element of the Masternaut system is that it engages with each department within the company to drive and improve performance, leading to cost savings and reduced risk to the business.”

Charlie McLoughlin, Group Fleet Manager.

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