Somerset Gas needed a solution to improve productivity. Masternaut’s mobile workflow application turned up the heat on fleet efficiency.

Somerset Gas specialises in providing heating services to both domestic and commercial properties across the South of the UK. Its mission is to provide and maintain first class service to all customers through quality, innovation, honesty and good value for money.

The challenge

Due to demand from existing clients, new contracts and tenders, Somerset Gas needed a robust system which could handle the logistics of managing and distributing jobs, and which could coordinate incoming job requests at any given time throughout the day.

Having recognised that up to an hour of staff time was being wasted every morning, whilst engineers waited for schedules to be produced and received, Somerset Gas also wanted to improve productivity.

The solution

Masternaut offered Somerset Gas a system which could easily integrate with customers’ CRM systems. The solution needed to be used by the majority of its team, particularly customer service supervisors and managers. As part of the consultation process, Masternaut clearly demonstrated the respective benefits of the solution for both these roles.

In addition, the scheduling solution had the ability to look at the profitability of a task based on an engineer’s salary, location, skill set and so on, meaning that it also delivered operational benefits for the organisation’s finance division.

The outcome

Since installation, Masternaut’s mobile workflow application is used by the majority of the Somerset Gas team on a daily basis – from dynamic, real-time scheduling through to retrospective reporting and accounts.

Since implementing Masternaut’s mobile workflow application, managers can monitor engineers remotely in real time as they travel between sites, arrive on site and complete the job. This is a far more efficient solution than Somerset Gas’ previous, fax-based system, and has led to a notable improvement in productivity. This, in turn, has resulted in financial benefits, with an increase in the number of daily appointments leading to increased revenue alongside higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Somerset Gas has seen a significant decrease in fuel costs since Masternaut’s solution has been in place. Engineers are now able to instantly communicate with head office regarding approval of additional job work saving time on the road.

Since using Masternaut, customer satisfaction levels reported in the company’s quarterly customer survey have increased by 2% to 97%.

The quote

“We are very happy with Masternaut and the solution it is providing Somerset Gas. When looking to bring on a telematics provider, Masternaut’s name came up time and time again through recommendations, and we were confident it is the most reliable and efficient provider.

Masternaut hasn’t let us down; outside of the recognisable benefits we’ve seen from the mobile workflow application, another huge positive is the Masternaut support team – we really couldn’t have done it without the expert consultants who are always on hand to ensure we get the very best out of the system.

Looking to the future, our clients are demanding faster service and better ways to communicate what we do. The mobile workflow application is a huge incentive for any of our potential clients to place their business with us. Although we have only been using Masternaut’s mobile workflow application for a relatively short period of time, it is already invaluable to the way we run our business.” Joe Lewis, Business Manager, Somerset Gas

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