Masternaut’s Catalytix team will maximise your return on investment in telematics. Whether you’re taking your first steps, or you’re looking for further return on your investment, we can help make your Masternaut journey smarter.

Smarter users

Let us be one of the team. Our experienced team members allow you to have your very own telematics expert, providing a range of training and concierge services.

  • Webinars: the quick, easy and convenient option
  • On site training: bespoke, face to face and with an industry expert
  • PRINCE2 qualified Project Managers to take on your deployment using their years of industry knowledge.
  • Bespoke hierarchy design services, reporting support and much more.

Smarter results

Achieve more, faster, and prove it. Whether your goal is to cut costs, improve safety or reduce your emissions, we can help you boost your results and prove your success.

  • Benchmark and profile Driver Behaviour changes
  • Prove savings and return on investment
  • In-depth fleet analysis
  • Detailed custom reporting

Smarter connections

Integrate Masternaut with your systems.  Our expert team is here to help and advise on what and how to establish smarter connections with a large variety of third party solutions:

  • ERP system - provide real-time ETA alerting
  • Payroll - receive business/private mileage information straight into your payroll system
  • CRM system - confirm delivery times automatically
  • HR - keep only one database of employees & mirror it on Connect

Employ Catalytix

Maximise your return with Masternaut. Get in touch with our Catalytix team today.

our Catalytix team

Our team have proven expertise in helping our clients and partners implement the power of telematics to enhance business operations and drive return on investment.

Mike Hemming

Michael Langrick

Beckie Bryan

Laura Ratcliffe

Chris Nash

Adam Wheeler