Fleet Co2 Certification

An easy way to show your commitment to a greener world

Climate change is a threat to our planet. As European and UK regulations are reinforced to lower carbon emissions, companies also have a key role to play in becoming compliant and addressing this issue.

Through using Masternaut telematics, our customers save a combined 230,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. This is 87,800,000 litres of fuel and approximately £113,262,000 of savings.

Our complimentary Fleet CO2 Certification programme, verified by The Energy Saving Trust, rewards efforts to improve environmental performance and reduce businesses’ carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of being certified?

Tangible recognition of your efficiency improvements and efforts

Differentiate yourself from the competition – with support available from Masternaut

Public recognition to be used in tenders, annual reports and CSR documents

How to get the Fleet CO2 Certification?

Our algorithms have identified the most efficient fleets among our customers, based on their fleet make-up and performance in 2019. This certification is currently offered to Masternaut customers free of charge.

Reach out to your account manager or our dedicated team at co2@masternaut.com if you have any questions related to the programme.

Are you not yet a Masternaut customer but would like to join some of the most efficient companies in Europe? Just fill in this form and an account manager will call you back shortly.

Join our 1,300+ customers certified in 2019

Msternaut Fleet CO2 Certification Customers

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How to lower my fleet CO2 emissions?

Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. As the majority of a fleet’s CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuel, the best way to lower these emissions is to lower your fuel consumption.

Several methods and best practises can help you do this, most of them using telematics. We will hold a webinar on 21st May 2019 to present five actionable measures to lower the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of your vehicles.

Attend our webinar to discover our tips and how to put them into action for your fleet.


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Masternaut CO2 saved chart

How it works

Our patented CAN bus clip technology allows us to measure mileage and CO2 emissions accurately from each vehicle.

Our Professional Services Data Science team then compares emissions vehicle by vehicle (anonymised of course).

We reward fleets with exceptional performance in:

  • Improvement year-over-year or
  • Better emissions than the benchmark across all Masternaut fleets (by fleet make-up)

Discover all details of the analysis here: