Save yourself time and your business money by tracking fleet activity online. Our software platform enables you to automate manual tasks, lower wasteful behaviour and stop unnecessary expenses.

Improve fleet savings

Reduce fuel costs
Stop unauthorised detours, idling, late starts and private use

Reduce personnel costs
Save on overtime, late starts, detours, but also paperwork

Reduce vehicle & asset costs
Save on under-utilised vehicles, decreased wear & tear, and short-term hires

Reduce incident & insurance costs
Reduce claims costs & frequency; negotiate better insurance premiums

Honest, factual savings

Our fleet savings are based on real customer data. We have run studies on over 10,000 customer vehicles and the results are conclusive.

Average* savings per vehicle = £660

  • Fuel - £240
  • Personnel - £180
  • Vehicle & asset - £120
  • Incident & insurance - £120

* Average based on data across 10,000 commercial vehicles. Exact savings cannot be guaranteed, because each fleet’s savings depend on the initial situation, the industry and active management of the Masternaut Connect platform and mobile workforce.

filling a vehicle with fuel

Identify fuel waste & increase efficiency

Installing telematics devices will help you stop unauthorised journeys and wasteful behaviour like idling and over-revving. 

  • Monitor fuel waste - idling, speeding and over-revving
  • Eliminate unauthorised journeys
  • Shorten travel times with 'live traffic' view and 'dispatch nearest' feature

Verify timesheets, overtime & mileage

Tracking driver activity on paper, consumes time and resources. 

Lighten the load by monitoring it all online instead. 

  • Analyse late starts & early finishes
  • Reduce overtime claims
  • Stop mileage over-claims
  • Separate business from personal mileage
  • Stop out-of-hours usage of vehicles
masternaut online timesheet identify late starts and early finish times

Want to run a smarter fleet?

As the UK's leading supplier of vehicle tracking & fleet management solutions, we help over 10,000 companies transform complex fleet data into fact-based business clarity. Start your journey to a smarter fleet by downloading our free brochure today.

Road Rail Cranes on site

Smith Construction

Smith Construction has reduced vehicle idling by 87%. Overall, the technology has saved Smith Construction Group an estimated 15% off of its yearly fuel bill.

Reducing carbon emissions and fuel by creating more direct routes is helping Smith Construction Group reduce its impact on the environment, in line with its sustainability ethos.