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With over 100,000 users, the smarter fleet platform Connect is designed to make vehicle tracking easy. As Masternaut's 4th generation platform, Connect bridges the gap between complex fleet data and business clarity by delivering an end user experience that is fast, intuitive and simple to use.

fast & intuitive

Connect is always available, and built for simplicity. 

View fleet activity at a glance either online or on your phone, and navigate effortlessly through a modern interface that is clean, intuitive and easy to use. 

  • Get to the information you need in fewer clicks
  • Enjoy a smooth and responsive user experience
  • Customise the dashboard, receive alerts & automate reports

reliable, accurate data

Good decisions need correct data, 24/7.

Masternaut's tracking devices don't rely on guesswork. Speed, fuel use and diagnostics are read directly from the vehicle’s electronic control unit.

  • Get data straight from the vehicle to your device
  • Enterprise-grade data processing, availability & reliability
  • 24/7/365 platform support

secure and resilient

Masternaut takes data security very seriously.

Our data centres are maintained to highest EU standards. We employ data security specialists to ensure constant protection and never sell private information to third parties.

  • Devices are read-only and invisible to drivers, providing theft & tamper protection
  • Redundant data centres ensure resilience and seamless disaster recovery
  • Our fully controlled EU-based data centres meet the highest security standards

engaging drivers a fitness tracker for driving behaviour.

Give your drivers the ability to track their own performance instead of uncomfortable feedback conversations. Use the smarter fleet platform to nullify wrongful disputes, monitor driving safety and highlight best practice.

  • Give drivers access to their own data, online and in-cab
  • Mark journeys private or business to simplify mileage claims
  • Improve behaviour without your input using in-cab feedback

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