How to optimise on-time delivery and productivity to get ahead

Getting a full picture of what your vehicles are doing throughout the day, what routes they are taking and which assets are used can offer in-depth details about how efficiently you are running your fleet. If you know where your vehicles, drivers and engineers are, you can easily dispatch and route them to customer sites. Being able to reference all of your vehicles and assets quickly, avoids wasting time tracking down drivers, calling them for location updates and estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), or updating their current routes.

Define your area and structure

Define your area and structure

- Define operating areas based on activity and resources needed

- Choose the best distribution model for you, eg hub and spoke, or central

- Vehicle data can be used to model these based on efficiency

Optimise resource allocation

Optimise resource allocation

- Identify activity hotspots to decide where to hire new technicians and drivers, or build new branches

- Identify silos and hotspots at area borders, and consider sharing resources across borders to reduce drive time and improve productivity

Use predictive modelling

Use predictive modelling

- Identify seasonal variations that affect your business based on past activity

- Analyse backlog evolution over time to understand patterns

- This will help you plan the scheduling of your resources, enabling you to source and budget for subcontractors in advance

Optimise your daily productivity and give your business a competitive advantage every day

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Optimise Your People

  • Is work spread out evenly between your employees to avoid overtime?

  • Are some employees finishing shifts early while others need to work long shifts and claim overtime?

  • Identify under-staffed areas and over-staffed areas by site and activity type

  • Recalibrate the division of work to reduce overtime claims
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Are standard working hours being followed?

  • Check for large discrepancies in shift lengths of employees doing similar jobs

  • Can they be explained by the type of activity or working patterns?

  • Understand and minimise root causes
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Reduce activities that bring no value

  • Optimise your routes and scheduling nationally to minimise drive time

  • Use tools that factor constraints such as traffic, routes, drive time and expertise of people

  • Many scheduling and route optimisation tools can help achieve this
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Reduce unscheduled stops

  • Define where people are losing time during the working day

  • Unscheduled stops are the largest contributor to this – meaning all locations that are neither at your organisation or customer locations

  • Track time spent at “depot” locations or conducting admin tasks
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Improve efficiency

  • Set benchmarks for the length of the most common jobs, and number of jobs to be completed in a day

  • Understand differences between geography, activity and people

  • Compliance can be tracked if needed


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Improving performance

Track performance

  • Understand your key challenges and define KPIs

  • Create tools that are easily accessible to all employees to monitor KPIs

  • Embed these tools into your business practices and ensure they are included in weekly and monthly reporting sessions

  • Train everyone, from site managers to operations directors, on the value of the tool, and the best practices


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Digital Transformation

  • Moving from paper to online tools improves efficiency across the organisation
  • It provides reliable, real-time data for planning, resourcing and tracking performance

  • Integrate your solutions, such as ERM, HR, scheduling, vehicle tracking and performance management

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