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The importance of transition to a greener fleet

Carbon reduction initiatives are playing an increasingly important role for fleets and implementing environmentally friendly practices is now a must for any business. It is therefore important to consider the transition to a greener fleet.

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Why move to electric anyway?

At a time when there is increased pressure on all fleet departments to reduce their carbon footprint and implement cost control measures, moving to electric is the answer you need.

Transitioning to electric brings a wide set of benefits to fleet operators and to organisations.

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What are the benefits?

The earlier you begin to transfer your fleet the quicker you will enjoy some or all of these benefits: 

  • Reduce your entire fleet's CO2 emissions and help reach your organisation’s Corporate & Social Responsibility goals

  • Reduce operational costs, with potential fuel savings of up to 79% and optimise Total Cost of Ownership

  • Enable your fleet to access all geographies, including Clear Air Zones

  • Integrate EVs as part of your last mile delivery strategy

But, where do you start?

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The Masternaut guide to electric vehicle transition

We know that transitioning to an electric fleet can feel like a daunting task especially with all the information out there, and with new vehicles being added to the market constantly, it can be a little overwhelming.

This is why we have put together a detailed guide to help you understand further a successful EV transition! 


Our transition tool

MoveElectric has been designed to support your fleet transition. The tool enables fleet managers to:




Identify journeys that could be made by an electric vehicle instead of an internal combustion engine vehicle




Understand which electric alternative might be best suited to your needs



Compare real-time vehicle data to the capabilities of an electric alternative



Measure some of the wider benefits of this change, such as efficiency and cost savings

Discover the best strategy to improve costs and productivity while achieving CO2 reductions

With our connected mobility solutions, our friendly team can help you transition to a green fleet.