Technology is changing the way the world works. It's vital that every individual, every business, is able to adapt. Using real Masternaut data, we examine the present to understand the future, sharing key insights to help you discover the tangible difference that telematics can make.

The future of cold chain transportation

With actionable insights and expert guidance, you'll discover:

  • What factors are reshaping the future of cold chain transportation?
  • How to use data to discover your fleet’s hidden power.
  • The latest technology trends that really matter to Fleet Managers and Operations Directors.
  • How to remain compliant with industry regulations, now and in the future.

The impact of in-cab feedback

Every organisation shares a common goal when investing in telematics: to create lasting behaviour change across the fleet. But how can you improve performance and safety without constant control? 

In this report, we reveal the impact of in-cab coaching technology on:

  • Vehicle idling
  • Driver behaviour
  • Speed

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