Technology is changing the way the world works. It's vital that every individual, every business, is able to adapt. Using real Masternaut data, we examine the present to understand the future, sharing key insights to help you discover the tangible difference that telematics can make.

Managing social relations when introducing telematics

Many companies are coming up against the same resistance when they put forward their plans for on-board telematics and GPS tracking.

This document will show you the best approach to use, the methodology to apply, the communications to be created, and the arguments to put forward to convince employees of the benefits of on-board telematics.

Masternaut Telematics Guide

Your essential guide to buying fleet telematics

A handbook for new and experienced buyers.

Navigating the process of buying telematics can be complex and confusing for even the most experienced professional.

This guide aims to simplify that process by helping you to understand what you should focus on, and how to compare

Transitioning to an electric fleet

Low carbon initiatives are becoming increasingly important to fleets.

Electric vehicles emit far less CO2, but are they the right fit for every organisation?

In this report about transitioning to an electric fleet, we reveal:

  • What considerations to make before going electric
  • How to cut petrol and diesel costs with technology
  • How to select a low-carbon partner

What does GDPR mean for fleet operators?

Much has been written about GDPR, but little with the fleet market in mind. In this Viewpoint, Djamel Souici, Group General Counsel for Masternaut, takes a detailed look at the changes that GDPR will bring to the data protection landscape and explains the implications for fleet operators.

A 'must read' for fleet managers who are still worried about what they have to do by 25th May 2018 to be compliant.

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