Featured post 24 November 2015

Masternaut adds international support capacities to customer service centre

Masternaut has expanded its customer service office in Aberford, Leeds, with new international support capacities as part of its growth plans.

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17 November 2015

Andrew Page improves driver safety and efficiency with Masternaut Connect

Andrew Page, a key automotive parts, tools and equipment distributor, has reported improved fleet safety and a reduction in incidents of speeding by 97% in six months following the implementation of a Masternaut telematics system.

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16 November 2015

Holmes Mann improves fleet efficiency and utilisation after implementing Masternaut Connect

Holmes Mann has improved vehicle utilisation and fleet efficiency, after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut. Holmes Mann implemented telematics across its fleet of HGV delivery vehicles, with the system being used to ensure duty of care and maximise utilisation.

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16 October 2013

Driver Safety - Services Beyond Vehicle Tracking

Recent reseach from Masternaut shows that Britain is a nation of hidden business fleets, with a third of British drivers who drive as part of their job shown to be uninsured for business miles. On average, these drivers clock up 4,708 uninsured business miles per year whilst driving for work.

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