Latest post 29 November 2018

Working with SUEZ

FRAIKIN and Masternaut supply telematics to SUEZ in more than 100 specialised vehicles for waste recycling and recovery, including waste collection vehicles, roll-off trucks and specialised vehicles such as road sweepers and skip cleaners.

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17 July 2018

The bare necessities of telematics

For all its merits, the sheer amount of data generated by telematics can make deciphering the results a gargantuan task. Jack Carfrae finds out how fleets can slim down the admin.

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16 June 2018

Team BRIT makes history

Team BRIT, sponsored by Masternaut, makes history by competing in the Aston Martin Festival at Le Man

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14 June 2018

Team BRIT sponsorship

Masternaut are delighted to be sponsors of Team BRIT, 'the most inspirational team in motorsport'.

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