Masternaut and Vauxhall have joined forces. You can now buy Movano and Vivaro vans with a leading telematics device factory-installed prior to delivery. To place an order, simply visit your Vauxhall dealership or contact our team directly.

Telematics pre-installed

Want to track your vans, but avoid the hassle of taking them off the road? Eliminate vehicle downtime for installations by getting telematics pre-fitted by Vauxhall.

Simply add telematics to your order at the dealership the next time you buy a Vauxhall van, and the device will be fitted prior to delivery.

How telematics works

Our customers use telematics data to make smarter business decisions about safety, savings and service delivery.

The Masternaut telematics box is installed in your vehicles prior to delivery, in order to gather data about vehicle location, speed and fuel consumption. This data is then processed in enterprise-grade servers in real-time, and translated into meaningful information that can be accessed at any time on Masternaut Connect.

Connect enables Operations and Fleet Managers to view their entire fleet on a simple interface via desktop or smartphone, letting them run a smarter fleet.

Where can you get telematics?

You can get vehicle tracking directly from Vauxhall for new vans or from Masternaut for everything else.

For new Vauxhall vans: Vauxhall dealership

To add telematics to an order of a new Movano or Vivaro van, simply contact your Vauxhall dealership and ask for Masternaut's vehicle tracking devices to be pre-installed, before delivery.

Upon arrival of your new vehicles, simply call Masternaut's customer service team on 0113 281 4000 to turn on access to the smarter fleet platform Masternaut Connect. Done!

For old Vauxhall vans or other brands: Masternaut

Our technology is compatible with thousands of vehicle types, models and brands.

Whether you run a mixed-brand fleet or want to get telematics for older Opel models, feel free to explore Masternaut’s Partner Program and Installation Partner Business opportunity for Opel dealers. Please contact for more detail information.

What you will get

Safer drivers, happier customers and cost savings... Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how our customers achieve these goals.

Learn more about the benefits of using automated timesheets, real-time GPS locations and in-cab coaching by visiting our solutions page.